How can i find my birth mother

How can i find my birth mother | What do I need to do?

First, it is perfectly reasonable that you would want to know your birthparents. Most adopted people, want to know why they were placed for adoption. In addition, you birthparents may have valuable medical information. The IAC, has always practiced open adoption so that adoptees know their birthparents, and can get the answers they need to their questions.

Unfortunately, the process of finding your birthparents can be very difficult. Here are a series of steps you can take:

1. Talk to your adoptive parents.
2. Contact the adoption agency or attorney that arranged your adoption.
3. If your state has an adoption reunion registry, sign up. If you birthparents also are registered or register, they will notify you.
4. If you are really lucky you live in a state with open adoption records.
5. If you know the name(s) of your birthparents and their approximate age, it is usually pretty easy to find them using an online search.
6. If you do not know their name(s), but you do know what state and county you were born in, the date of your birth, the time of your birth, and the hospital, it is pretty easy to go to the County Courthouse and look at all the birth certificates for that date and figure out which one belongs to you.

Good luck and we are very sry that How can i find my birth mother is a difficult question to answer




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