Mykonos Blu hotel

Here is a nice littel preview of the hotle I stayed at Mykonos

Mykonos Blu

The ultimate 5 star luxury hotel in Mykonos Greece: Mykonos Blu beach resort in Psarou Beach Imagine a place, where the sea and sky hypnotize adventuring souls. A blue oasis where the sun wraps each day in brilliant white and the ancient moon charms every starry night. Nestled in the cosmopolitan island, discovered by jet setters, are the island bungalows and private villas of Mykonos Blu luxury hotel. The whitewashed and stone bungalows and suites, some with private pool, are adorned with natural fabrics in absolute white and blue. Secluded within a private compound of the resort, the Mykonos Blu Villas with private pool occupy prime sea-front property above the pristine Psarou beach. Island life is simple. Shimmering heat and light, a whitewashed wall against the sky and the blue Aegean in Mykonos Island

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Mykonos Blu | Photos


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