Headaches – Types, Causes

Headache is one of the most common medical problems in the world. The most common type of headache is called Tension Headache.

Tension headaches are usually caused by stress, muscle tightness or spasm in the neck, back or jaw. It can also be caused by eye strain, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression. Stress is considered to be one of the leading causes for tension headaches(NIHD). Stress is a factor that can contribute to tension headaches because it reduces serotonin levels causing muscle spasms and pain sensitivity.

What should you do if you have a headache?

If you only have one headache, treat it like any other headache. Drink plenty of fluids and take painkillers like ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. Take an over-the-counter medicine for allergies if that is what is causing your headache. If it is not an allergy, try to find out what made your headache better or worse in order to avoid triggers in the future.

Headaches begin as a pain in your head, neck, or shoulders. This pain may be mild or severe depending on the type of headache you experience.

The most common type of headache is called tension-type headaches. They cause pressure or tightness around the head and neck and usually last from thirty minutes to ten hours, and can come and go for months at a time before going away for weeks at a time. Tension-type headaches are less severe than migraines but more frequent than cluster headaches.

Migraines (from Greek word “κεφαλαλγίες“) are also common types of headaches that can vary in severity from mild to severe. Migraine sufferers may experience nausea as well as sensitivity to light, sound, and smell

A migraine is a type of headache that is usually associated with a severe throbbing pain on one side of the head. Episodes usually last from four hours to three days and may be preceded by an “aura” or a feeling of being ill. Migraine pain usually gets worse as the day goes on and causing extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and smells. Migraines can be debilitating for those who experience them, impacting their ability to carry out daily tasks such as work, school and even basic activities such as carrying groceries.

People who have headaches are often prescribed some medication to take care of the pain. Although doctors have more treatments available these days, people still prefer to go for medications for their treatment. The most common type of headache is a migraine which can be relieved by ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin.


Sailing in Halkidiki experience

In our trip to Halkidiki we visited Kelyfos island and Porto Carras Resort.

kelyfos island

Our trip began from the port of Nikiti at 10:00

Our first destination was Keyfos island where we had coffee and breakfast. At the same time we explored the waters of the island.
At noon we continued to our second destination which was the natural ports right next to Porto Karas.
Throughout our trip we were given the opportunity to learn the art of sailing and enjoy care-free moments on board.
As soon as we reached Porto Karas, it was time for us to have lunch. But before we enjoyed swimming and exploring underwater.

Porto Karas
After the meal we head to our third and last destination, St George beach.

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Athens to milos by ferry

The Greek city and port of Piraeus is one of the largest ports in the whole of the Mediterranean, and the third largest in the world, and has become a major hub for the ferry network that spans the Aegean Sea. Piraeus is an important city in its own right despite the fact that it is frequently considered to be a suburb of Athens, the Greek capital, which is only a very short distance away. Despite its proximity to Athens, Piraeus’ waterfront has its own distinct appearance and visitors will see that the most appealing parts of the city are located around its eastern quarter, alongside both Mikrolimano Harbour and Zea Marina. A popular event in Piraeus is the Ecocinema International Film Festival which is held annually in late February and is where a number of films are screened at the Atticon Cinema and the Cineac Cinema, which are both located in the city’s Town Hall Square.

Full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the waterfront district was greatly redeveloped in time for the Athens Olympics and as a result a new harbour front promenade was created that is lined with trees and passes the medieval city walls. The walls serve has a reminder and as an insight into the city’s rich past.

By ordinary boat

There is connection with the port of Piraeus and this is the cheapest way to get to Milos. There is an ordinary boat with direct access to the port of Milos, where the sea voyage lasts 5 hours (ΛΑΝΕ sea lines), whereas there are ships that make stops at the ports of Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos and sometimes in Kimolos; in this case the voyage lasts 7-8 hours (Ventouris Sea Lines, GA Ferries). Mainly in summertime there are frequent connections to the Cycladic islands, such as to Syros, Paros, Naxos, Tinos, Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes.

By speed boat

The voyage by speed boat is the fastest yet the most expensive way to get to Milos. It lasts from 2,5 (Super Jet of the Sea jet company) up to 4,5 hours (Speedrunner of the Hellenic Sea Ways), based on the speed boat’s kind and depending on whether the connection is a direct one or via other ports.

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How can i find my birth mother

How can i find my birth mother | What do I need to do?

First, it is perfectly reasonable that you would want to know your birthparents. Most adopted people, want to know why they were placed for adoption. In addition, you birthparents may have valuable medical information. The IAC, has always practiced open adoption so that adoptees know their birthparents, and can get the answers they need to their questions.

Unfortunately, the process of finding your birthparents can be very difficult. Here are a series of steps you can take:

1. Talk to your adoptive parents.
2. Contact the adoption agency or attorney that arranged your adoption.
3. If your state has an adoption reunion registry, sign up. If you birthparents also are registered or register, they will notify you.
4. If you are really lucky you live in a state with open adoption records.
5. If you know the name(s) of your birthparents and their approximate age, it is usually pretty easy to find them using an online search.
6. If you do not know their name(s), but you do know what state and county you were born in, the date of your birth, the time of your birth, and the hospital, it is pretty easy to go to the County Courthouse and look at all the birth certificates for that date and figure out which one belongs to you.

Good luck and we are very sry that How can i find my birth mother is a difficult question to answer


Bitcoin true believers unfazed by losses in Mt. Gox collapse

Like other bitcoin evangelists, Ken Shishido is ready to write off the money he lost in the bankruptcy of Tokyo-based virtual currency exchange Mt. Gox as the price of revolutionizing global finance.

“In the early days of the automobile, there were traffic accidents because you didn’t have traffic lights or pedestrian crossings,” he said hours after Mt. Gox said on Friday it had lost up to half a billion dollars of investor funds, including some of his own. “But we didn’t ban automobiles.”

Shishido, who lives in Tokyo, was one of about 1,000 investors in Japan who became creditors in Mt. Gox’s bankruptcy when the company capped a tumultuous period of weeks by filing for bankruptcy on Friday.

He lost about a tenth of his investment in bitcoin in Mt. Gox, he said, and expected none of that money to come back.

Early enthusiasts for the five-year-old crypto-currency were drawn to its revolutionary ideals of transparency and a lack of central or official control. There was also a heady mix of geek chic – the currency is “mined” through a process involving complex computer math – and laissez-faire Austrian economics.

Mt. Gox’s loss is eye-popping but so too is the number of creditors – 127,000 – in what had been the world’s biggest exchange. That means the average trader lost the equivalent of $3,500 in the bankruptcy at current bitcoin prices, assuming no money is recovered in the court-supervised restructuring in Tokyo set to play out over the following months.


Bitcoin’s value spiked in April 2013 as the crisis-racked Cyprus government clamped down on withdrawals and seized deposits, rattling faith in “fiat” currencies.

The crypto-currency soon crashed back. Late last year, as the number of exchanges and the virtual money’s name recognition grew, it took off again.

Bitcoin gained wider acceptance – and took off again in price – late last year. It attracted high-profile proponents, like the investor twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of Facebook fame, and speculators.

Investors interviewed after the exchange collapsed faulted the Tokyo exchange and Mt. Gox’s French CEO Mark Karpeles, but they remained committed to the bitcoin idea.

Roger Ver, a big investor in Mt. Gox, said he did not know if he would ever get any of his lost bitcoin back.

“But the important thing to realize is that Mt. Gox is just one company using bitcoin. The bitcoin technology itself is still absolutely amazing,” he said.

“Even if one email service provider is having a problem that doesn’t mean people are going to stop using email. It’s the same with bitcoin.”


Ver spoke of “all of the positive ways in which bitcoin is going to change the world … if anything, it is kind of for the better of bitcoin that the irresponsible players are going out of business.”

Shishido said he does not expect to get his virtual money back, but that the rest of his bitcoin investments had soared 10-fold in value.

Keiichi Hida, a bitcoin investor and member of the Japan Digital Money Association, lost 100,000 yen ($980) worth of bitcoins, which he got involved with as a form of “study”. But he was unfazed.

“We should make it a national project to have bitcoin used nationwide at the time of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,” he said. “I think then everyone would come to Tokyo in an instant.”

Mt. Gox CEO Karpeles, even after bowing to apologise for the exchange’s bankruptcy, later said the currency will endure. “The bitcoin industry is continuing and the most important thing now is to limit the impact of (Mt Gox’s collapse) on that” .

Santorini History


The history of Santorini is undoubtedly unique from many different perspectives.

The site of one of the largest volcanic episodes ever recorded in history, the region itself is thought to have become volcanically active some 3 to 4 million years ago. The most famous eruption sometimes referred to as the Thera or Minoan eruption, took place some 3,600 years ago in the late Bronze Age.

Not only did it destroy the civilization living on the island, but is believed to have wiped out the sophisticated Minoan civilization itself whereby a giant tsunami hit the northern shores of Crete some 110 miles south of the island.

Some say that the Thera eruption is the source of the Atlantis legend. Suffice to say, that the effects of the eruption are today, spellbindingly beautiful. For what was once a single island, now consists of a water filled caldera, around which lie the island of Santorini and its satellite islands.

In the volcanic eruption that took place some 3,600 years ago, thirty million cubic meters of magma in the form of pumice and ash were blown to a height of up to 36 kilometers above the island. Pumice deposits, dozens of meters thick, buried one of the most prosperous prehistoric settlements of that period.

The most recent eruption took place in 1950.
The island today

Santorini is a small, circular archipelago of volcanic islands located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km (120 mi) southeast from Greece’s mainland.

The largest island is known as Thera, which forms the southernmost member of the Cyclades islands.

The island’s surface area is some 73 km2 (28 sq mi) and the 2001 census population placed the islands inhabitants at 13,670. It is composed of the Municipality of Thira (pop. 12,440) and the Community of Oía (pop. 1,230, which includes 268 inhabitants whom are residents of the offshore island of Therasia, lying to the west).
Historical sites
Prehistoric Thera: Akrotiri

The ancient city at Akrotiri, due to its excellent preserved state, is the most important archaeological site on the island and most important prehistoric settlement in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The archaeological findings illustrate the sophistication and prosperity of its merchant inhabitants in its complicated drainage system and multi – storied buildings with their magnificent wall – paintings.

The town’ s life came to an abrupt end in the last quarter of the 17th century BC when the inhabitants were obliged to abandon it following a series of as a result of severe earthquakes which gave them due notice of the eruption that was to follow.

The volcanic ash covered the island and the site itself, which like Pompeii in Italy, protected what was to lie underneath.

The site considered a must see place since its opening the Spring of 2012, once the creation of the new roof and the layout exhibition was concluded.
Ancient Thera: above Kamari beach

The ancient site of Ancient Thera is located on a headland which juts out into the sea between Kamari and Perissa. The site itself was excavated by a German expedition in the 1860s, and you can see remains from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.

Although the ruins are limited, parts of temples, houses with mosaic floors, an agora, gymnasium, and a theatre with stunning and sheer views to the sea, all dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries BC remain.

On the far west of the site there is a sanctuary from the 3rd century BC that features relief carvings symbolizing the gods, an eagle (Zeus), a lion (Apollo), a dolphin (Poseidon), and a phallus (Dionysos).

To the east is the Terrace of Celebrations. Graffiti was a problem even in the 8th century BC whereby if one looks closely, one can make out the many messages scribbled on the walls. At that time, boys danced naked and sang hymns to Apollo or competed in physical contests. 7th century vases found here are now on display at the Archaeological Museum in Fira. The views from the site, like so many places on the island, are beautiful.
The islands Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni

The two small islands in the center of the Santorini caldera, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni represent the volcano’s most recent activity whereby Palea Kameni ( Old Burnt Island ) is less than 2000 years old, while Nea Kameni ( Young Burnt Island) began to form only 425 years ago and its youngest lava are than 50 years old.
Santorini Food and Wine

Some three hundred restaurants exist on Santorini Island. These range from the sophisticated gourmet to the simplest of tavernas serving traditional island fare.

Known as a gourmet destination, many of the restaurants have excelled in producing innovative cuisine based on Meditteranean cookery that lead in their field of excellence throughout the country.

Coupled with the island’s exceptional locally produced wines which are gaining international recognition, the island is making its mark in the international dining arena.

The island’s cuisine, dependent on locally grown produce, fish and seafood from the Aegean Sea, is an example of the wondrous healthy simplicity of Greek cuisine.

Wine tasting is available in Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites and in the island’s renowned wineries.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Combining a luxurious environment with first-rate amenities, the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort features an outdoor pool, a steam room and a jacuzzi. It offers panoramic ocean, sea and bay views and 5-star rooms.

The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort facilities include a sauna, conference room(s) and a beauty centre. Facilities include a kids pool, a 24 hour reception and a business centre. Guests can stay connected with the resort’s standard Wi-Fi access. Rooms at the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort offer a stylish space to relax in, complete with a mini bar and an i-pod docking station. Amenities featured in the rooms include a plasma / LCD TV, cable / satellite channels and a safe. As standard, all rooms include air conditioning and also feature a DVD player and complimentary toiletries.

The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort’s bar offers a casual dining experience, serving Greek dishes and a selection of premium beverages. If you opt to dine at the resort, the on-site restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort provides free parking for those travelling by car. Guests can access Mykonos Island National Airport (JMK) via the resort’s shuttle service in less than 10 minutes.

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Mykonos Grand Hotel | Photos

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Podiatry Defined – What is a Podiatrist

Definition: Podiatry is the treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle. A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM, not an M.D. or a D.O., the more traditional types of “doctors”) and can perform treatments and surgeries on the foot and ankle.Treatments range from non-invasive shoe inserts and orthotics and preventative diabetic foot care to surgical procedures.
Also Known As: foot doctor, feet doctor, podiatric, podiatrist

Jane began to see a podiatrist after she was diagnosed with heel spurs.

Article source: http://surgery.about.com/od/glossaryofsurgicalterms/g/Podiatry.htm


Mykonos Blu hotel

Here is a nice littel preview of the hotle I stayed at Mykonos http://www.vacation-in-greece.gr/mykonos-blu/

Mykonos Blu

The ultimate 5 star luxury hotel in Mykonos Greece: Mykonos Blu beach resort in Psarou Beach Imagine a place, where the sea and sky hypnotize adventuring souls. A blue oasis where the sun wraps each day in brilliant white and the ancient moon charms every starry night. Nestled in the cosmopolitan island, discovered by jet setters, are the island bungalows and private villas of Mykonos Blu luxury hotel. The whitewashed and stone bungalows and suites, some with private pool, are adorned with natural fabrics in absolute white and blue. Secluded within a private compound of the resort, the Mykonos Blu Villas with private pool occupy prime sea-front property above the pristine Psarou beach. Island life is simple. Shimmering heat and light, a whitewashed wall against the sky and the blue Aegean in Mykonos Island

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Mykonos Blu | Photos

International adoption

People normally adopt for a variety of reasons after coming to the understanding that they have a lot love to give a youngster. In many cases, infertility has created a barrier to building a family. Other families, possibly already with biological children, chose to adopt as a means of sharing their love with even more children. Some people are drawn by the desire to be parents to a baby who would other never have the joy of a family life. Some parents are choosing to adopt from countries other than the United States because of the relative speed with which they can complete the adoption process and/or due to other regulation rules that may jam a domestic adoption. For example, a typical domestic adoption can take over two years or longer, in particular for an baby. An international adoption of a baby can usually be completed in 9 to 14 months.
These benefits are balanced by few additional risks in the adoption process, dangers introduced largely by the lack of control future parents and agencies are able to act over the domestic and foreign officials, authorities and agencies which direct the futures of the adoptive children. Some parents have lost thousands of dollars when the adoption process goes off course after months of work and waiting. Some of these risks can be scaled down , nevertheless , with experienced guidance and preparation.
A great deal of the international adoption process is alike to that of domestic adoptions. Yet, several elements exist that are a bit different. There are besides, due the inbuilt interaction with foreign authorities and U.S. standards, unceasing alterations and revisions which take place that may effect an adoption.

Your Role as an Adoptive Parent

As a future parent, you will be required to complete three essential sets of paperwork in order to adopt internationally.

Home Study

Whether it is a domestic adoption or an international one, everyone who seeks to adopt a child must complete a study conducted by a qualified social worker, licensed in the state of residence, describing their suitability as parents.

U.S. Government Paper Work

In addition to the homestudy, the future parents must submit an application to the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration for approval to adopt a child from another country.

Foreign Government Paper Work

The third set of paperwork must be completed to satisfy the requirements of the foreign governments. These documents vary by country, but they range from extra references to specific application of adoption for that county.